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The "What's in My Control?" card deck is a tool to help children recognize what is within their control and what is beyond it. There are 30 cards in the set, half of which are examples of situations or experiences that are within one’s own control and the other half are outside of it. Children are invited to ponder which of the two categories each example falls into. On the back, the best answer is given, along with a basic explanation of why this is the case.

Our content is created in part by PhD level Psychologists to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and based on reputable emotional intelligence research. Our cards are lovingly illustrated and specifically designed to appeal to children. The What's In My Control Card Deck is the perfect addition to your toolkit for raising and educating well-rounded, confident, and respectful kids.

These cards can be used either at home or at school to encourage children to reflect upon the theme of control. Whether used in a group setting or one-on-one with your child, pose the following question with each card: “Is this within or beyond your control?” Allow the child or group of children ample time to reflect upon what the most suitable answer might be.

One creative way to play with these cards is to form a circle using a piece of string or a construction paper cut-out. The circle represents one’s realm of control, and so children can either place each card inside the circle (to suggest that the example is within their control) or outside the circle (to indicate that they believe the situation is beyond their control). Flip each card one-by-one or once all cards have been placed. Grant ample time and space after each card reading to discuss any questions or curiosities that arise.

What's In My Control? | Exploring What is Within & Outside Our Control-30 Cards

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