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We believe

That children who learn to take a heart-centered approach to life are the ones who stand strong in the wind – not breaking, but rather bending and swaying, with their roots anchored firmly in the soil.

That ALL children are capable of developing unwavering compassion for themselves and others. And, when they do so, they make our world a better place!

That nurturing children to develop kindness, confidence, courage and gratitude is just as (if not more) important than teaching them to achieve academically.


Hi, my name is Rachel!

I’ve always had a BIG desire to create something special for kids that would help them develop skills to work through their experiences and better understand themselves and the world around them.


Although there are lots of tools out there to help kids grow academically, there aren’t many that help them develop inner awareness. Yet, fostering compassion, courage, confidence and gratitude at an early age sets up children for happiness and success in their future!

Developing character and values, learning to listen to intuition, and leading with the heart are skills that will help kids get through the good days and the bad days.

As a true believer in the power of kids to change the world, my creations at Muutma are a true labour of love. I hope they fill your hearts with warmth and joy!


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