Sula’s Wishes Story Cards help gratitude become a part of everyday conversation – at the dinner table, at bedtime, or any time!


The front of each story card explores Sula the sloth wishing for something she doesn’t have. The back of each story card highlights Sula’s gratitude for something she already has. 

Read the story cards with your child and discuss them together.Use the question at the bottom of each card to prompt further conversation and understanding about some of the things your child can be grateful for and where they come from.


Showing you are grateful is very important. It lets people know that you appreciate them, or something they have done for you. But being grateful means more than just saying ‘thank you’ – it is an emotion you feel inside.


Life looks a lot brighter when we take time to be grateful for the things we have, rather than focusing on the things we wish we had. These story cards will help you see all the goodness in your life – just like Sula the sloth!

Our content is created in part by PhD level Psychologists to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and based on reputable emotional intelligence research. Our cards are lovingly illustrated and specifically designed to appeal to children.

Sula's Wishes | Gratitude Story Flashcards | Exploring Gratitude

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