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Use the Muutma 'My Feelings Intention Cards for Kids' to create mindful moments with your little one at the start of each day, before yoga or meditation practice, at school, in the car or as needed moment-to-moment. You can use these cards just about anywhere to help your child identify and work through big feelings!

Each illustrated feeling has a written intention on the opposite side of the card. An intention is a brief and inspiring statement about something you want to work towards or align with in your life. It’s an aim, purpose or attitude you feel happy about committing to. We can also use positive intention statements as a tool to help process feelings - they can help pull us out of a fixed mindset and into more of a growth mindset. These cards do just that - they are designed to nurture a growth mindset by helping children to identify and use their feelings as their guide - empowering them to live purposeful and heart-centered lives.

As they become more emotionally competent, positive values and skills are being built and supported. Developmentally appropriate, based on emotional intelligence research, and specifically designed to appeal to children, the My Feelings Intention for Kids Card Deck is the perfect addition to your toolkit for raising and educating well-rounded, emotionally intelligent, confident, and respectful kids.

My Feelings | Positive Intention Flashcards

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