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The 'I Am Kind!' card deck helps children to understand the many different ways that they can actively promote health and happiness within their relationships through even the smallest acts of kindness.


Acts of kindness are the things we do, whether big or small, that help to build a happy and healthy community. These acts of the heart help us to feel more connected with one another as they strengthen our love for and appreciation of others.


Performing acts of kindness is a deeply nourishing habit to build in children because kindness promotes happiness within both the giver and receiver and improves relationships of all types.

Each card has an act of kindness illustrated on one side, and a definition on the other. Our content is created in part by PhD level Psychologists to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and based on reputable emotional intelligence research. Our cards are lovingly illustrated and specifically designed to appeal to children.

I am Kind! | Acts of Kindness Flashcards for Kids

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