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The 'I am Awesome' card deck covers 30 key personal traits that foster social-emotional competence in young children. Using the beautifully illustrated positive affirmation cards with definitions, and examples, children explore the traits in a fun, educational manner with parents, siblings, teachers, and peers.

Repeating the affirmations out loud daily is a great way to help your child learn. As they become more self-aware, strong character is being built and supported. Our content is created in part by PhD level Psychologists to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and based on reputable emotional intelligence research. Our cards are lovingly illustrated and specifically designed to appeal to children.

The 'I Am Awesome' Card Deck is the perfect addition to your toolkit for raising and educating well-rounded, confident, and happy kids.



I am Awesome! | Positive Affirmation Flashcards for Kids

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