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*This is a digital download and not a physical item*

FRENCH - DIGITAL Download PDF - I am Awesome Affirmation Cards for Kids 4 x 6" - 8.5 x 11" size document - 35 Printable Cards - 18 pages total

The I am Awesome cards cover 35 key personal traits that foster social-emotional competence in young children. Using the beautifully illustrated positive affirmation cards with definitions, and examples, children explore the traits in a fun, educational manner with parents, siblings, teachers, and peers.

Repeating the affirmations out loud daily is a great way to help your child learn. As they become more self-aware, strong character is being built and supported. Developmentally appropriate, based on emotional intelligence research, and specifically designed to appeal to children, the I Am Awesome Card Deck is the perfect addition to your toolkit for raising and educating well-rounded, confident, and happy kids.

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Printables cannot be used commercially or be resold/redistributed.
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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PDF FRENCH Affirmation Cards for Kids | 35 Printable Cards

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