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How to Help Kids Develop a Deep Respect and Love For The Earth

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The Earth is a beautiful place and nature is full of surprises

Raising a child comes with the responsibility of teaching them some important and valuable life lessons. All parents wish for their children to be kind, loving, respectable, and generous.

What you teach your kid in childhood creates a foundation for how they’d turn out as adults.

In this blog post, I wish to go through how you can help your child to develop a deep respect for the Earth and nature. After all, the world is a beautiful place, and the Earth needs love from the new generation to survive.

Let’s get started.

How Children Learn New Things

Do you ever wonder how children learn about the world?

Children learn a lot of things in the first few years of their lives. While formal education and mass media is one small part of it, modeling their parent’s behavior is one of the biggest ways how children learn.

Kids subconsciously pick up on a lot of things that their parents do.

When you observe children during role-playing games, you’ll see how they act like you in certain situations.

You are your growing child’s number one role model which is why you should take this job seriously. To teach love and respect for nature among your children, you need to be the biggest example and have a love for nature yourself. This means you should practice what you preach.

For example, you can’t tell your children that dogs are good but be scared of one if he’s coming near you! Your child, too, will get scared of the dog. In some cases, you need to face your fears for the sake of your child!

How To Help Kids Develop a Deep Respect and Love For The Earth

In this section of the blog post, we will go through a few ways in which you can help your children develop a deep love and respect for the Earth.

Let’s begin.

Take Your Children Out!

Share the beauty of nature with your children!

Your children can’t appreciate something fully if they’ve never seen what it offers. I recommend you take your children outside to play, go camping, maybe even fishing to introduce them to the flora around, etc. to share the bounties of nature with them.

Never associate a bad word with nature.

Don’t say that the weather’s bad if it’s raining outside.

Tell your children about how each season is essential, educate them about the water cycle, etc.

Teach Your Children to Love Animals

Images of animals surround children from the time that they’re born. In fact, most nursery rhymes are about animals!

Naturally, children are predisposed to like animals.

I encourage you to take your children to a petting zoo to teach them how animals are their friends. Sure, some animals can be dangerous but, a child needs to know why that is so.

They need to understand that animals hurt people only when people threaten them. Otherwise, they’re actually nice, loving, and caring!

Bring Nature at Your House

One of the biggest ways in which you can teach your child to love nature is by bringing the beauty of it inside your home.

You can encourage your child to start a collection of leaves, seashells, bird feathers, etc.

If you’re animal lovers, you can get a house pet to inculcate love for animals in your children.

Summing Up: How To Help Kids Develop a Deep Respect and Love For The Earth

Children learn things from you.

As a parent, you must teach your child love for nature to ensure that you’re leaving the Earth with capable yet loving hands. It is essential for you to walk the talk and be a good role model for your kids.

In this blog post, we went through a few ways in which you can teach your kids to develop the love for nature.



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